*Cream of Mushroom $5.25

*Cream of Broccoli $5.25

*Chick Pea Soup with or without bacon $5.75/ $4.75

*Chicken Ball Soup $5.25



*Fresh Polenta with a mushroom sauce and mixed vegetables $15.50

*Fried Shrimp topped with light tomato bruschetta $9.75

*Pan seared spaghetti patties stuffed with ricotta cheese, served with vodka sauce $12.00

*Fried Ravioli with Marinara $8.50

*Chicken meatballs with toasted ciabatta and marsala dipping sauce $8.50



*Veggie Sausage Panini topped with fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe and roasted pepper spread, served with sweet potato fries (Beyond Meat) $14.50



*Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli topped with green peas, shitake & cremini mushrooms in a light marsala sauce $22.50

*Lobster Ravioli with shrimp in a light pink cream sauce $26.00

*Fusilli Pasta with mixed vegetables & cajun shrimp in a garlic and oil sauce $20.50

*Brown Rice Pasta with veggie sausage, broccoli rabe & sundried tomato in a garlic & oil brodo $20.50

*Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese- Spaghetti with crumbled chicken chop meat in marinara sauce $18.50

*Grilled Salmon (8oz) with cous cous, peas and cauliflower $22.50

*Wild Caught Pink Salmon Filet (4oz) in a pesto cherry tomato sauce served with mixed vegetables & chic peas $18.50

*Veggie Meat Sauce – Brown Rice Penne, veggie meatballs, veggie sausage in our marinara sauce $24.00

Just like Grandma’s, but much healthier

*Fresh Wild Jumbo Gulf Shrimp butterflied & grilled with mashed polenta & peas $21.50